Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

SexPaint: like PostSecret, only about sex and created on Microsoft Paint.

The endemic sexism of comics. 7 year old explains why sexifying comic books is bad.

Criticisms of Planned Parenthood are based on false assumptions.

How the “good guys are hard to find” narrative hurts women. When monogamy is a cop out. Romantic mistakes smart women make.

More young people having unprotected sex.

Slutwalk Minneapolis this weekend. Some African American women have criticisms of the Slutwalk movement.

GLAAD ranks the most gay-friendly TV networks. DADT is down, but are LGBT activists losing the war for rights?

Beauty addiction can ruin your life. Uniboob results from bad plastic surgery. The joys of fat sex.

Post-gender normative bar pickup.

Ashton and Demi might split, author immediately assumes it’s because she’s older.

Therapy can improve sex life after prostate cancer.

More young couples picking pets over kids.

Churches debate god and gays via billboard in Ohio. Gaga sings a tribute to young teen who committed suicide after being bullied for being gay.

New book details a man’s long-term sexual relationship with dolphin. Malaysian man informs police his wife was raped by a ghost because he clearly doesn’t understand masturbation.

Canadian parliament member’s cleavage edited out of headshot.

Utah breaks world record for most people running in their undies. San Francisco holds nude-in top protest proposed legislation against nudity in restaurants.

Women’s sex noises have little to do with their orgasms.

Android app that helps you guess if your kid is gay.

Vinegar is a key ingredient in low-cost cervical cancer screening.

Girl in a gay bar: a femme’s first time. Country singer Chely Wright marries partner. 10 thing s to do when you’re sick and a lesbian. Will the first ever lesbian senator get elected in Wisconsin?

Saudi woman ordered to get 10 lashes for defying ban on female drivers, King may overturn it.. Muslim Indonesian female sex therapist goes online to counter myths. Pakistani family defies tradition, refuses to kill daughter who was raped.

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