Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Study finds popular songs are almost always about sex.

In defense of abortion on demand and without apology. Can someone be too fat to get an abortion?

The man who kept falling in love with his wife.

Could a vaccine reduce HIV to a minor infection?

Women on the pill remember things differently.

Sperm donation fetishists. Beetles die from sex with beer bottles.

Amanda Knox freed, but the slut-shaming continues. Halloween display at the Museum of Sex.

“When will I be good enough to love?”Fathers, hug your daughters.

Playboy Club cancelled after only a few episodes.  If Dr. Seuss wrote a sex ed book.

Parents talk to kids about sex, but not birth control. Father’s weird letters to then one-year-old daughter are possibly some of the worst sex advice ever.

Beyond the honeymoon: a frank look at marriage.

Anal sex play etiquette. Fleshlight releases Halloween line of monster sex toys.

Hormonal contraceptives do nothing to protect from HIV, may increase risk due to false sense of security. Cancers increasing in men due to HPV.

Highs school student wins homecoming queen and kicks game-winning field goal in same night.

Being out on your resume hurts your chances of an interview. Honduras may not allow Ricky Martin in to perform a scheduled concert because he is gay.

Study on immunity reveals women are actually the tougher sex.

Taxpayers on the hook for $1.5 million to defend Defense of Marriage Act.

Men ups: manly men shot in classic pin up poses. Johnny Depp compares photo shoots to being raped; apologizes.

Transgender protester at Occupy Wall Street singled out for humiliation and mistreatment. NYFD hires first trans firefighter.

California governor signs bill to stop circumcision bans.

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