Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Man apparently catches wife cheating using “Find My Friends” app.

House passes HR 358 “let women die” bill. Bill that bans federal funding for abortion passes. Women who are most likely to have an abortion: mothers.

First bishop indicted for involvement in Catholic child abuse scandal.

Check out the trailer for Shame, the highly lauded new film about sexual addiction.

Mastectomy and the single girl: a bucket list for boobs. Raising a child who had no future.

Keeping women on the hook with periodic texts and no follow through.

Male cheerleader kicked off squad for kissing boy.

Parents need to be more specific during the sex talk.

Sexy versus status? Sex versus commitment? What men and women want isn’t all that different.

10 firsts on the way to being in a serious relationship.

“I am not a woman trapped in a man’s body.”

5 blowjob mistakes that not necessarily everyone agrees with.

Man with 100 pound scrotum needs money for surgery.

How “virgin births” work in non-human animals. Human sex is boring.

Sesame Street briefly invaded by porn. Buck Angel’s new porn: Sexing the Transman.

Wearing makeup makes women seem more competent.

Skydiving sex leads to legal trouble.

The “forbidden” lesbian sex act.

Which doctors are most likely to suggest labiaplasty?

Inventors who contributed to the world of sex.

Another gay teen succumbs to homophobic bullying. More gay celebs come out.

Do dog women get more respect than cat women?

“After the first time I came, I thought I was done.”

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