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Sexuality in Horror Movies

Note from Timaree: this is a repost of a column originally posted for Halloween 2011. If there is a genre of film that has more sexuality in it than porn, it’s definitely horror. Aside from the slasher genre’s penchant for showing boobies and the movie rule that only virgins can survive a serial killing maniac, you’ve also got the deeper meaning. Often our biggest fears are symbolic of sexuality: from everything to vampires (even those damn glittery ones) to witches, there is a world of sex.

Enter horror film buff, sexuality educator, teaching artist, and Queen of Halloween, Shanna, who sits down with Dr. Timaree to discuss sexuality in horror movies.

So lock the doors, light a candle and settle in for one of my favorite podcast interviews of all time.

This jawn is 2 parts!

  • Check out Part I here.
  • Check out Part II here. Or head to iTunes to subscribe and hear podcasts even sooner!

All photos courtesy Clark Smith photography.

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