Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!!!

Can men handle being ogled?

The most radical challenge to Roe V Wade ever.

Conan officiates gay wedding on  his show.

7 billionth person born on Halloween.

The biggest misconception about finding “the one.”

Wedding night sex.

University requires employees to sign Lifestyle Statement that rejects homosexuality and premarital sex.

Did an Ohio woman take a photo of ghosts having sex?

UK royal succession laws changed so that first born daughters can inherit throne.

Will these innocent words get women hot?

High school lesbian couple crowned Homecoming King and Queen. How would you life be different if homophobia didn’t exist?

The fun and interactive results of the national gay and bisexual men’s sexual behavior study.

10 reasons to have more orgasms. 5 reasons women have difficulty having an orgasm– this list lacks an obvious one: not getting stimulated correctly or for long enough.

How close are we to a male contraceptive pill?

Liking Nickelback won’t get you as many dates and other findings from a tastebuds study.

Duh: Appeals court finds FCC fine against CBS for Janet Jackson’s nipple slip in 2004 was inappropriate.

Celeb gossip: Did Justin Bieber knock up a fan? Can a celebrity crush help your love life?

Being bullied? Teachers suggest acting less gay.

“Women shouldn’t get raped, BUT….” Weight training and feminism.

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