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Michael Schuessler and the Search for the Holy G-rail.

author Michael Schuessler

Every once in awhile, we are struck by inspiration. And even more rarely, we can turn that inspiration into a result that can be useful to others. Michael Schuessler, an artist and author from Colorado, was struck by just such inspiration. And like many people, it struck him while he was in the shower.

Through a combination of exploration, self-pleasure and contemplation of anatomical structures, he uncovered a way for men to more easily locate the G spot on a female partner. Most manuals use terminology that is unfamiliar to the average person and relies on holding a visual memory of a complex map of female anatomy while following vague directions about going in and up towards her belly button. Michael found a way that uses tactile sensations and exploration of one’s own body to further increase the pleasure for one’s partner.

We sat down for a chat about the book and clothing line that resulted from his epiphany. We discussed the intense focus that is often placed on having a vaginal or G spot orgasm and the value of being truly able to surrender during a sexual experience with another person.
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