Sex Links

Friday Sex Links! Happy Veteran’s Day!

The art of simultaneous stimulation. Women’s lip shape linked to her ability to orgasm.

A peek into the New York School of Burlesque

An amazing examination on the disappearance of female pubic hair.

Why the number of partners you’ve had is irrelevant. Polygamy in Libya and beyond.

83 year old man busted for prostitution. HE’s the prostitute.

Misogynist insults that would make great band names.

Break up in Burger King gets live-tweeted.

Do girls really skip over nice guys… or just boring ones? What does long-term love do to your brain?

Are virgins more fertile than other people? Having sex makes you happier.

In case you needed another reason not to have sex with animals: bestiality linked to penile cancer. New film to look forward to: Strippers Vs Werewolves

Why Herman Cain should know to take sexual harassment charges seriously. Nearly half of high school students experience sexual harassment each year.

Woman steals boyfrend’s sperm, thinks this is normal.

What did Karl Marx think of sex work?

Reporter undergoes circumcision with bamboo to get story on jungle rebels.

Read the full charges against Penn State’s Sandusky.  Latest hypocrite: anti-gay pastor busted for masturbating at a park with children present. Britain’s widespread child gang rape problem.

8 reasons you should have morning sex.

20 year ago, Magic Johnson changed the face of HIV. HIV + man arrested for having unprotected sex.

New battle over contraception: Catholicism seeks to deny coverage to millions. An ad for the first ever birth control clinic in 1916.

Paint company renames colors to be manlier. Dakota Fanning’s perfume ad is too provocative for UK.

Embarrassing things that can happen during sex. You want it, but your partner doesn’t… or vice versa.

Help the men in your life stay healthy. Cervical cancer rates rising among women in their 20s.

Explaining marriage equality rights to idiots. What to tell someone who is new to being conscious about social justice.

Sex workers commit suicide; cite cops lacked concern they were being stalked by clients.

Two new apps aimed to protect women from sexual harassment. Some argue sex harassment no longer exists.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Sex Links! Happy Veteran’s Day!

  1. The pubic hair essay is one of the more interesting articles I’ve read recently. I would like to hear the author’s thoughts on the same creeping phenomenon in men.

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