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The Female Orgasm Explained

This week, video was released of an MRI scan of a woman during orgasm. The results are beautiful and interesting.

If only the misconceptions and mystery surrounding the female orgasm were a matter of getting all the information to the public. But it’s even more complicated than that. There are individual differences between women, varying ideologies about the number and type of orgasms that women can have and about which of those experiences are better than others.

There are people who say that an orgasm with a partner is better than a solo one, that an orgasm resulting from penetration is better than one brought forth from clitoral stimulation alone, or that a woman should aim to have multiples, to ejaculate, to cum at the same time as her partner….soon enough the ladies mags will be doling out advice on “squirting for distance to impress your man.” It’ll be situated between an article on tricking yourself into eating less and an ad for mascara.

But what do we really know about the female orgasm? Even though it’s been a good 40 years since the sexual revolution demanded that women have the right to their own pleasure, we still know precious little about it.

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