Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Eve Ensler on why she is “Over Rape.” The facebook rape groups she’s referring to in the article.

Surprising straight male allies for LGBT rights.

Reasons Ryan Gosling should have been People’s Sexiest Man instead of Bradley Cooper. What about the previous 25 winners?

Is the Citadel repeating the mistakes of Penn State by not looking into child abuse? Why our current approach to sex offenders puts kids at more risk.

The story of a rare single female soldier who decided to keep her pregnancy.

No Sex Week at Yale. Why do we make it so hard for ex-porn stars to transition to new jobs?

Most women don’t know the facts about fertility.

The fate of Prop 8 still in question.

Wanna know the weirdest things ever inserted into human bodies?

Herman Cain can’t help but embrace his inner sexist.

Ridiculous tips for a miserable sex life.

Opposite ends of the spectrum: Women with “sexy eyes” in Saudi Arabia may be asked to cover them up. Store called Kid N Teen sells crotchless panties.

Prejudices that are still movie staples. Hollywood’s 5 lamest attempts at feminism.

Why the rules of safe, sane and consensual ought to be known to everyone, even Satanists.

The sexiest photos from Life magazine.

Judge orders divorcing couple to swap facebook passwords.

Female orgasm, as captured by brain scans.

1 in 3 teens goes on the pill for non-contraceptive reasons.

Reasons to retire the genre of cross-dressing comedies.

A great article on teaching good sex.

How to kiss persuasively.

The profit motive in diagnosing sex addiction.

This week: the Transgender Day of Remembrance to memorialize those lost to violence.

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