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The Biology of Dads

Apologies for the unannounced short hiatus, kittens. As I write this, my beloved laptop is resting, in approximately 1 thousand pieces on my kitchen table, waiting for a single new part. Hopefully y’all were too occupied with matters of apple pie and mashed potatoes to be disappointed.


Maybe over this holiday weekend you saw your dad. And I certainly hope that those who saw their dads were pleased by that fact. There can be a whole lot of feelings that come with thinking about the dude who may or may not be the provider of the champion sperm that led to our arrival.

So what is it to be a dad? Today we look at it from two angles: the science of  sperm and the biology of fathering.

This hour-long documentary shows the grueling competition between 250 million sperm that occurs in each ejaculation in a unique, artistic and cute way.



This hour-long documentary looks at why a child’s relationship with his/her father is so important and how it shapes their choices in adulthood.


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