Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

White House to use foreign aid to promote LGBT rights worldwide. Ricky Perry’s anti-gay ad divides staff.

Falling in love with a transman. Gynecologists beginning to learn how to treat transgender patients.

Old Loves: images of past celeb relationships.

“I just want to go for  a walk” on the threat of being a woman in public

In response to criticism, Kentucky church overturns ban on interracial couples.

Find His Porn”: a website for the jealous, sex-fearing, naïve female who doesn’t know how to use a search function on a computer.

2011 Holiday sex toy gift-buying guide.

Michelle Duggar miscarries; would have been 20th child. The staggering number of women who are pregnant and don’t know it.

Andrej, the highest paid male model who wears women’s clothes.

H&M defends practice of using computer-generated models instead of real people.

To dance is a radical act.”

Snoring hurts your sex life.

HHS decides to ignore FDA advice to make Plan B over-the-counter for girls under 17. Here are 5 OTC drugs that are way more dangerous than Plan B.Nuns should be given the Pill to cut cancer risk.

Why does Hollywood think men caring for children is hilarious?

Anti-abortion bill uses civil rights heroes to promote agenda that would actually widen health care disparities between races.

Sasha Grey visits The View, we get to learn that all of them (except Whoopie) are morons.

Teenage boys and sexual decision making: the case for mutually satisfying consensual sex. You have to teach your kid that sex can be very good.

Plastic surgeon: “Smoking can make your nipples fall off.”

Hogging: is it an exploitative practice meant to degrade big women or the only way some men can rationalize being attracted to bigger bodies?

Porn addiction is not sex addiction

Australian Occupy protesters wear tents to skirt ban on camping out, police tear woman’s tent dress off, leaving her in her underwear.

All 8 of Sandusky’s victims will testify against him, are enraged by his recent comments. Arizona sheriff sucks at investigating sex crimes. Inside the minds of the wives of sex offenders.

I married a lesbian,” writer Hugo Schwyzer analyzes his type.

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