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Sex: Female

In 2001, a couple of normal middle-aged dudes asked a bunch of women about sex.

Under regular circumstances, this request could yield everything from a slap across the face to a quick trip to a Holiday Inn, depending on the dude and the woman and the proximity of whiskey. In this particular instance, Andrew Kolker and Louis Alvarez got a variety of females to open up a candid, thorough and supremely interesting dialogue about everything from the ways they get off , the sex games they played as children and the complex relationship they have with their own bodies. This was all part of the documentary Sex:Female, a project intended to bring real, actual women’s sexuality to forefront.

The film is something that can exist on its own, a record of what everyday (but extremely honest) women  had to say about sexuality. It stands in stark contrast to the glossy, deceptively-lit depictions of sex that inform most of our images of what female bodies look like, how people get it on and what brings us pleasure. Some of these women speak of everything from needing to cum with the sense of urgency we normally only ascribe to teen boys and others seem disappointed to break it to us that fucking has never really done anything for them.

Yet, this film can also be used as a phenomenal learning tool. The producers have prepared a pre- and post-viewing instructional guide for educators that you can use if you ask permission. You can lead discussions on such things as societal views towards sex, the belief that sexual pleasure is a type of misbehavior, the youth obsession of our culture and how sex fits into relationships, complete with legit examples, without making your students have to dish their deepest darkest goodies to the room.

I’ve included the first three segments, but it’s all available online. To play the whole playlist click here.

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