Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Charting the most common times of year for getting it on.

Teaching white boys to dance and other solutions to the Black marriage crisis.

Among the new laws taking effect with the new year: civil unions in Delaware.

Rift between Ultra-Orthodox and mainstream Jewish in Israel highlights how sexual shaming of young girls is used as a weapon.

The top 10 questions that sex educators get.

Longform’s best articles written about sexuality in 2011.

The pleasure of taking your time. Thanks to Joe for the heads up!

Will Obama ever support marriage equality for same-sex couples?

What to tell your kid about sex and when (10 is the new 16).

What makes a body obscene?

How’d we end up with pink for girls and blue for boys?

Is New Gingrich the worst candidate for women? The GOP’s most extreme attacks on women in 2011.

Transgirl allowed in Girl Scouts, Christian troop leaders disband the group.

Breast implants: regulators are in the dark on risk.

Marketers are convinced men and women grocery shop differently. Is it true?

What can the gay rights movement teach the pro-choice movement?

The first wedding anniversary after your divorce.

Losses to the field of sexology in 2011.

 Biggest sex scandals you may never have heard of

Why women get second trimester abortions.

Is pubic hair coming back into fashion?

The Daddy/Boy dichotomy, power and masculinity in the gay scene.

An intro to packing for the cisgendered female.

Lessons from the world’s biggest sex experiment.

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