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A Thought in Three Parts

A Thought in Three Parts is a “notoriously seldom produced” play written by Wallace Shawn (Inconceivable!) The reason is it so rarely put on stage is that the second part (of the three) is roughly 30 minutes of on-stage nudity and something like 20 sexual acts resulting in orgasm. When it first appeared in London in 1977, it resulted in an investigation by the Vice Squad and a virulent denouncement by Parliament.

So when upstart theater company Frank decided to stage it, the cast and crew’s first reactions ranged  from horrified to freaked out.  Through a many months-long process of acting exercises and of deep analysis of the script and its context, the Frank Theater Company is now prepared to bring to the world this brilliantly written show which engages all manner of performance and allows audiences to experience their own range of emotions in response.

I sat down with Katherine (the Dramaturg), Sara (director and actor) and Fed (actor) to discuss the production, their personal adventure with the material and the upcoming opening weekend. It’s a seriously fascinating conversation full of sexiness and serious theater talk. You can support this production by donating to their Kickstarter page and by buying tickets to see it in New York the first weekend in February.

Listen here or here or on iTunes where you can subscribe and hear all the podcasts first!

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