Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

10 surprising facts about heterosexuality.

Dating advice for conservatives; all the single ladies.

Would you have pity sex with someone who loves you?

The evolution of birth control

Algerian runner who made history and faced death threats by those who thought the race track was no place for a woman.

Men’s underwear ads and what was missing from Beckham’s Super Bowl ad

12 absolutely horrible proposals

Interview with Barbara Nitke, who shot porn for over 30 years.

The butt cleavage dress on etsy.

Facts about gay men and child molestation.

How men’s minds reveal the wisdom of women’s bodies.

Tips for surviving monogamy. The six husbands you will have over a marriage.

Migration: photo essay on a Nigerian sex worker in Italy.

Among the winners of the World Press Photos exhibit: Child Brides, an Iranian actress learning the strictness of her culture towards filmmaking, the caretaker widower and Drug-addicted sex worker.

Who’s minding the kids? Not dads, according to people who are not the dads.

The decline of Liz Lemon. 5 feminist sci fi heroines.

The sexercise ball: get on and get off.

Kristen Stewart: smiling is not an obligation, professional or otherwise.

Thanks to sensationalism: Whitney’s death is not what you think.

The weirdest reasons we have sex.

Ten responses to the phrase “man up.”

Ways men can help fight sexism.

Santorum doesn’t think women should serve in combat cause they’re so emotional and whatnot.

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