Sex Links

Friday Sex Links

5 sexual health services insurance will cover…for men.

Women, exercise and alcohol.

Maryland Senate passes marriage equality bill.

If male superheroes were dressed like female superheroes.

A look inside a Chinese condom factory. Zac Efron drops condom on the red carpet; Adam Levine uses pull-out method.

Levis says “hotness comes in all sizes”… of small.

Pro-Life Virginia Governor blocks vaginal ultrasound law. Georgian lawmakers draft anti-vasectomy law to satire encroaching anti-abortion legislation.

New Mexico’s governor’s hair stylist refuses to do her hair until she changes her stance on gay marriage.

Turnabout is fair play: The website that coverts all dead Mormons to gays.

A hard dick: one thing you don’t need for sex.

Watch the full documentary: Prostitutes of God.

Digital-only comic book of sexuality education  aimed at young men who don’t want to be total asses.

The way you look for love affects the kind of love you find.

For straight kids who don’t “act straight,” it gets worse.

Legal strategies for the intersex community.

What does paternal presence or absence do to a woman’s interest in casual sex?

Teaching your kids about kids who are sexually abusive.

Having a hot ex will make you look more attractive.

“I wish I wanted to have sex with my husband”

Do women really want chocolate more than sex?

Men fake orgasms too.

Indiana state rep takes stand against the Girl Scouts because it “promotes abortion, homosexuality, and the sexualization of young girls.”

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One thought on “Friday Sex Links

  1. I could have so used the sex ed comic book about 25 years ago…hell, it makes for appropriate reading now! That “kind of love” article was also good, but too short in the end…thanks for the links.

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