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Do You Believe in Bisexuality?

I recall writing a sex column as an undergrad where I asked random people on campus about their perceptions of bisexuality. It had been my assumption that in an educated environment like a university, people would probably give me pretty enlightened, albeit boringly similar replies. Boy, was I a moron. Not only were people not on board with bisexuality being just another, equally acceptable orientation deserving of respect and fair treatment, but they had doubts about its existence.

But that was years ago.

Now we live in a time where a bisexual celebrity chooses to be a lesbian because “nobody likes the bisexuals.”

Fine. Then I’m nobody, Cynthia.  And so are all these folks.

And no one can define your sexuality for you. Only you can determine what you want and how you identify.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Bisexuality?

  1. Got any posts on male bisexuality? Its so underrepresented and I think people are even less likely to “believe” it coming from someone male-identified.

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