Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Stephen Hawking frequents sex clubs.

The Mad Men relationship tree.

It’s Eating Disorder Awareness week: what NOT to say to someone with an eating disorder.

Why girls tell their friends “you’re not fat.” 5 ways you can promote healthy body image in young girls.

Stressful days lead to sexless nights.

Medical ethicists argue for “after-birth abortions”; journal defends the publication.

The latest in minimally-invasive female sterilization techniques. Thanks to Evi for the link!

A gallery of sexist vintage ads.

Goodbye to boob-centric spammy reply videos on youtube?

To everyone with an opinion on Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Planned Parenthood’s new social media campaign to promote condom use allows you to check in after getting it on.

Condom use errors are common.

How many med students go into prostitution? Fighting child sex trafficking one hotel room at a time.

Facebook’s censorship guidelines leak: nudity is bad, violence is fine.

Plastic surgeon performs daughter’s boob job for 18th birthday.

Conservative Arizona sheriff comes out as gay.

Places that kids will definitely find your sex toys.

A retirement home for LGBT people.

Young women lead innovation within the language and vocal patterns.

The mainstreaming of pedophilia via Japanese videogames. Thanks to Jamie for the link!

Law aimed at cutting funding to Planned Parenthood may end entire low income women’s healthcare project.

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