Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Why does society fear women who like sex? Sexist laundry label joke sets off firestorm.

Changing locker room culture.

Obama’s transgender nanny.

To condoms, with love.

Dispelling mythology about BDSM relationships.

The economic impact of the pill. Sluts need birth control, too.

Utah passes law mandating abstinence-only sex ed that can not mention homosexuality or contraception. Some of the sarcastic sex laws proposed in response to anti-woman Republican proposals.

Mistrial in porn obscenity case.

How sex positivity has reinvigorated the feminist movement. The way it was before Roe V. Wade. The pro-choice reawakening.

Can animals be homophobic?

The internet is for porn, here’s how to keep your use safe and secret.

How not to discriminate against pregnant women.

Karrine Steffans aka Superhead, breaks up with her husband via the meanest twitter thread ever.

Bringing somebody back to your place? Make sure it’s nice and warm.

Irish nun accused of sexually assaulted at least 87 young girls.

Teen kicked out of school, readmitted then publicly humiliated for being pregnant.

Why you should lie on your online dating profile. Kudos to Ashtad for the find. Are you with the right mate?

March is Women’s History Month and Thursday was International Women’s Day: here are photos of women working during WWII; here is a Bad Romance parody about suffragettes. “Women of the Future” trading cards from 1902

10 relationship terms we need in English.

Trans mis-education: why the “x trapped in a y” body narrative needs to go. Eating disorders and trans identity.

The story behind Lawrence V Texas, the Supreme Court case that decriminalized sodomy.

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