Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Why feminism is good for men and boys. The trouble with sex differences. Hat tip to Jackie!

Why do we want sex with strangers? Does it matter how many partners she’s had? “Slut” and other four-letter words.

Mathematical solution to predict celeb splits. 10 Power Couples that still got it. Gillian Anderson comes out as bisexual.

5 whores who changed history.

Why do nice guys date awful women? Resisting Facebook’s intrusion into your relationships while still using it.

Recipe for higher quality semen.

Moroccan teen raped, forced to marry attacker, commits suicide.

Bondage-oriented erotica also called “mommy porn50 Shades of Grey reaches #1 on NYT Best Sellers; here’s a hilarious look inside. Rape fantasies and other things not to feel guilty about.

Man exonerated of rape by DNA 34 years after imprisonment, informed of exoneration 2 years later.

Race, religion and marriage in Maryland. Hat tip to Joe! Many Southerners still oppose interracial marriage. Hat tip to Heather!

Investigative journalism into the poorly regulated world of Florida summer camps and child sex offense.

Knights in Shining Armor: men who rescue women from sex slavery.

The surprisingly woman-friendly roots of modern polyamory.

Why is there an uproar about an ad featuring a dad bottle feeding his baby? Things you may not know about special needs parents. Should you share a bed with your infant?

CUNY may ban professor-student relationships. I’m surprised this isn’t already the case.

Wisconsin legislators consider single parenthood a form of child abuse. Wisconsin women are mad as hell.

What happens when contraception on campus stops being subsidized? Sex education in orthodox high schools. Life without contraception.

Bisexual women are represented more on TV this season. Omaha, NE passes anti-discrimination ordinance. Ben & Jerry’s shows support for marriage equality with new ice cream flavor.

Why you should love Nellie Bly.

What are we going to do about declining birth rates? Proposed Arizona law would allow employers to fire women for using contraception?

A Twitter tale of a man protecting a woman from sexual assault.

Doonesburry’s controversial abortion cartoons this week. Arizona bill would allow anti-abortion doctors to mislead patients about fetal health.

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