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Asymmetrical Boobs and Other Obstacles

This isn’t another one of those posts about how even models aren’t perfect looking where I show you how much airbrushing goes into photo shoots or we talk about how unrealistic the expectations are for people these days. You know that shit already.

What you also know is that thing about yourself that you assume everyone remembers you by. You’re the guy “with the big lips” or the girl “with the cankles” or whatever body part of yours fills your mirror so blatantly…. just glaring back at you with its awkwardness.

I’m not gonna tell you that it’s not real, it’s all in your head. People have already told you that a hundred times. What I am gonna tell you is that you need to get over it, consider it part of your charm. Like Cindy Crawford’s mole, Adrian Brody’s nose, or Joaquin Phoenix’s scar, we have agreed that they are weird features but that’s what makes them exceptional.

There are a million girls and boys who look like each other, trying desperately every day to look more and more average by fitting into a cookie cutter the most precisely of any of their friends. And you know who they date? Other boring people. People who will run out of interesting shit to say after a half an hour. People who view humans as products who are as interchangeable as phones and will drop them at the whiff of a faster, newer, better deal.

Don’t be one of those people. Embrace your uniqueness. Love your awkward.

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4 thoughts on “Asymmetrical Boobs and Other Obstacles

    • +1…women should be accepting of their flaws, but they’re not exactly accepting of mens’. When a woman says that she likes nerds, that means she likes really cute guys who happen to wear glasses. A tiny flaw is appreciated by both sexes, as mentioned in the article, but women never go beyond that, it’s up to the standard, or out you go, Jack.

      • don’t generalize like that. while yes, there are some women who cannot or will not over look another’s flaws while expecting their own to be over looked or accepted plenty of men do that too. There are plenty of women, who when they say they like a “nerd” mean it. they like a hero clix, world of warcraft, magic playing, comic book reading (throw in every other stereotype you can think of) nerd who will watch Doctor who with them on a saturday night instead of going out. So before you generalize take a step back and think, not everyone is like that

      • To Jim: My standards have nothing to do with looks whatsoever. I like wit, humor, intelligence, matching values and nerdiness. That’s it. Everything else is irrelevant.
        Last I checked I was female, so your horribly prejudiced generalisation is invalid.

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