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Power of Poetry

It’s National Poetry Month, y’all! It’s an art form where words are delicately chosen to convey intense emotional ideas and rhythmically released to maximize their impact, which has sadly not always gotten enough attention. Today I’ve chosen a small handful of powerful works by a few random artists that touch on a variety of topics related to sexuality, gender, intimacy, love, abuse, bodies, rights and life in general. If you have some favorites you’d like to share, please link to them in the comments!


First, a piece  “commissioned by the Indian Law Resource Center to raise awareness about a bill in the senate right now that will help protect Indigenous women survivors of violence.” It was created only a few months ago as part of a project put together by Ryan Red Corn and it has been making its way to lawmakers. It’s a dark, troubling and evocative look at the problem of violence and abuse in indigenous families.



Next, two pieces by poet Lauren Zuniga. She’s got a variety of awesome work under her belt and these are just two pieces I found extremely relevant and moving.

Girl: Exploded looks at the dichotomy of gender roles into women modern can be smooshed and the pressing need for an international women’s movement.

Next, Personhood, a piece that touches on the ongoing battle over reproductive rights, human rights and the logic of dictating when someone else can get an abortion.



In 10 Things I Want to Say to a Black Woman, we get a mixture of apology, love letter and inspiration. Poet Joshua Bennet uses personal and pop culture references, mixed between smooth and impressive word combinations to give hope to the women in his life, despite the many forces trying to bring them down.



Last, but certainly not least, is this touching poem by Amy Everhart. It’s a sexy, sweet, loving poem that also shines a much-needed spotlight on the fact that some people’s accidents are other people’s longed-for miraculous displays of love.


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