Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

How do we combat abuse in middle school dating relationships?

3 relationship-building reads.

“It’s not a war on women, it’s a war on sex.” Pro-life GA rep votes against abortion law, citing daughter’s experience with a troubled pregnancy. Arizona legislators trying to declare pregnancy 2 weeks prior to conception. Hat tip to Geremea!

UN calls for anti-discrimination laws after Chilean gay man is murdered.

Why lipstick lesbians have to keep coming out of the closet.7 tips for safe and happy BDSM sex. Thinking woman’s guide to threesomes.

A teen’s brave response to “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay” Teen sues school for not letting him wear “Jesus Is Not a Homophobe” shirt.

Why it’s harder to diagnose females with autism.

Jin Xing: Chinese, transgender, cultural icon.

Polls show more women are ditching the GOP and supporting Obama.
Do you agree with this list of hotties of the MLB?Old and tired: wedding expos. New hotness: divorce expos.

Editor of Vogue blames pro-ana sites for eating disorders, ignores the fact most of those sites use pictures from her magazine as thinspiration.

Why is it so hard to get child porn off Wikipedia?

Planned Parenthood rejects professional dipshit Tucker Max’s offer for half million donation because they’re awesome and not morons.

Irish priest has no idea how gay porn ended up in his PowerPoint presentation.

More and more Anglicans leave the Church for Catholicism due to females being ordained as bishops in their church.

“Two and a Half Men” creator, known for his brains, suggests there are too many shows about women.

“A good guy know he has the right to want” but also be able to gracefully take rejection.

Is it women’s job to civilize men? Evolving images of women in the office. Access to birth control is tied to rising women’s wages.

The Norwegian film that turns the teen sex comedy genre on its head. What the focus on Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence’s body says about the film industry.

Feminist poet Adrienne Rich dies.

Landlord of abortion clinic tired of harassment, fights back fair.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. On the “Right to Want” article, there seems to be a significant empathy problem with women nowadays. It’s not fun to be rejected, yet the entire risk in trying to start a relationship is placed on the man. Now add to this, this article adds another layer of fear to the equation…you might be “bothering” the woman.

    The article being linked to above contains a link to a better article (, with much better points: accept male desire, and accept men’s word when they talk about it, male sexuality should be approached from the concept of pleasure rather than accomplishment, and let’s all discourage sexuality that’s actually predatory or non-consensual.

    Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water…of course there are predators out there, but by discouraging “good” men by creating an overly difficult situation, women are making the whole process more difficult for everyone.

    In talking with people from older generations, they describe women as actually being more forthcoming toward men they were interested in, meeting them at social events, contacting mutual friends, in other words, tangible symbols men can feel safe (men like safety too) acting upon. Really, the phrase “confident compassion” means nothing.

    Personally, I find it better to try to make friends within a group and try to start a relationship that way, but it takes months sometimes just to find out it’s just not going to work out.

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