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The End of Sexual Assault is the Beginning of Better Everything

I know if you’re reading this you’re already well aware that it’s Sexual Assault Awareness month and you’ve already got your Anti-Rape Ice Cream Cake and your No Means No party favors out for the guests.

Or maybe you plan on marking the occasion in a more productive way.

Here’s a quick video on why you should be excited about the prospect of ending sexual assault, even if you don’t perceive yourself as at risk:

But the reality is a LOT of people are at risk, specifically females. If you know 4 females, you probably know at least one person who has been victimized. Let’s put that in perspective.


And if you have been impacted by sexual assault, there are lot of options to help you regain your control of the situation. Here is one art project to which you can contribute, if you so desire.

And ya’ll haven’t forgotten about the Slutwalk Movement, have you? They’re still fighting for your right to exist as you are, dressing as you want, living your life without fear of assault.

And what about our male friends who want to do their part? While most rape-prevention efforts are aimed at women, trying to educate them about staying safe, good men can contribute a great deal by changing the way other men think and behave. Don’t just show your strength, show that your strength can be used for good.


Do your part, everyone. Respect the boundaries of those around you, encourage that same respect in others, seek help if you need it and be ready to support folks in need.  It takes all of us, but it’s totally worth it.

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