Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

The 5 people you need after a breakup.

An etiquette guide for straight people at gay bars.

Reconsider that Depo shot: it’s linked to breast cancer.

Trans contestants allowed in Miss Universe pageant next year.

Justin Bieber impersonator accused of molesting children.

Controversial new show about disabled people looking for love.

Why won’t Obama sign executive order about LGBT worker discrimination?

Anonymous gets naked: sexy Fawkes. Most awkward engagement photos.

Image of woman wearing niqab and holding bra sparks controversy.

Media is OK saying Black women are sexy, but can they also be shown as beautiful?

Cyndee Clay faces danger to keep sex workers safe. Hat tip to Erica!

Women want porn, but aren’t willing to pay as much.

Best male-female friendships on TV.

Abortion options fade in the South.

Hit me, Baby, one more time and other sex fantasies I feel guilt about.

Sexually, are you more of a hunter or gatherer?

Men 2.0: the changing face of masculinity.

Gay Republican Presidential candidate Fred Karger makes marriage debate personal for head of NOM.

WHAAAT? Women against Ryan Gosling.

Busty girl problems. Meet Boobstagram: the French website of boob pictures taken via instagram.

Moving in with a significant other and one of you has a cat?

How fetal pain-inspired anti-abortion bills can actually be much worse for the fetus.

What I felt after getting raped.

Some notes on testing positive for HIV.

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