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When is Cheesecake Sexist? Interview with Andre Bennett

The first time I met Andre Bennett was at an indie movie premiere, and we chatted as I devoured free cake. Within a matter of

moments, the film director and host of his own show on Y-Not Radio had proven his movie geek cred to me and we were fast friends.  And when I heard his contemplative musings on sexism in the world of comic books, I knew he had to to be on the podcast.

Andre and I rhapsodize about everything from the sexist reboots of some beloved comic book characters to Zach Snyder’s last-minute decision to pretend his jiggle-fest action flick Sucker Punch is about female empowerment. We talk about the impact of female superhero characters on the minds of young comic book fans and the sexual politics of comic book geekery.

Due to some technical difficulties, it took awhile to make this interview available to y’all, so if we use the strange and alien speech patterns of someone from 2011, that’s why.





And btw, thanks to y’all, the podcast is quickly approaching 1,000,000 downloads this week!

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