Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

The other C word, the worst insult for men: Creepy.

How sex robots will change sex tourism.

Does desire really change with the length of a relationship?

How queer and indie porn is changing the industry. Women watching porn care more about arousal than visuals.

Will the gay comedians please stand up?

If you  use or support birth control, consider joining the Sluts Across America movement. Why do people confuse the morning after pill with abortion pills?

What DOES evolutionary psychology say about sexual exploitation?

Does over-parenting hold women back? Why does the Middle East hate women? What some men say about women when they think you’ve never been one.

Arizona’s “pregnant before sex” law isn’t even the worst.

Sandra Fluke engaged to boyfriend of 8 years. Slut.

Baby bride from India makes history by having wedding annulled now that she’s an adult.

Surgeon claims he has officially found the G spot.

Does society envy childfree adults?

Iowa paper devotes front page to ending bullying after local gay teen commits suicide.

Doctor solves mystery of Frida Kahlo’s infertility

EEOC passes historic anti-discrimination ruling to protect trans employees. Violence Against Women Act passes Senate (31 Republican men voted against it, but all Republican women voted for it).

Why do some women lust for serial killers?

Amsterdam’s penis fountain. Surprisingly thorough Yelp reviews of strip clubs.

Can science identify the world’s most beautiful woman?

Instagram bans thinspiration, self-harm posts. But is enforcement even possible?

Hoax visits in an attempt to frame Planned Parenthood.

Celebs who used to be strippers. Whores’ Glory, a riveting new documentary.

5 and a half myths about female sexuality.

Snippets from the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality conference in LA. Are homophobic people really gay: an examination of the research study that suggests, “yes.”

Swellco & Swellco on the sexy Predator body paint.

Would a week without women actually change anybody’s mind about feminism?

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