Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

40 days of breast cancer

How to have sex with an asexual person.

On the culture’s rejection of female sexual agency is finally being used- essentially as pinterest.

NC preacher recommends child abuse to discourage homosexuality.


The biggest sex hypocrites on the right wing.

Dan Savage accused of bullying for responding to anti-gay prejudice with facts.

Group of Black trans people (and allied friends) harassed outside bar, fight ensues, one of the harassers is fatally stabbed; harassed transwoman charged with murder. She pleads to lesser charge of 2nd degree manslaughter. Trans people mistreated by police are fighting back. How about we stop ticketing transwomen for using the bathroom?

Teen girls less likely to have sex than in previous years, more likely to use contraception.

Ad campaign uses segregation-era imagery to promote marriage equality. Reasons you should shop at JC Penney.

Awesome 14 year old hand-delivers anti-Photoshop petition to Seventeen magazine. Vogue to no longer feature models under 16 or those with eating disorders, other progress.

Entire Montana town under investigation due to rampant rape.

Cool tumblr: oppressed brown girls doing things. Saudi Arabian female athletes will not be able to compete at Olympics.

Federal judge stops idiotic Texas law that would eradicate Women’s Health Program

Anti-choice bill sponsor contends that Viagra is “a wonderful drug,” and totally unrelated to birth control.

Douchebag Philly sports blogger reblogs inadvertent panty flash caught on TV, incorrectly, concludes he’s King Awesome.

Revelations about a young Barack Obama by his ex girlfriends. Why is Obama quietly supporting abstinence-only sex ed?

Fetishes you may not know and how to try them.

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