Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

A history of breasts. A choose-your-own-adventure book about an epically bad relationship.

What are conservatives deepest sexual fears? Are conservatives hard-wired to be homophobes?

The twin porn stars whose real life incest is surprisingly popular among porn viewers.

Trans women of color and the irony of self defense. Lead singer of Against Me! comes out as trans.

Porn lovingest cities in the US. Child porn legally viewable in NY state, says court.

TIME magazine’s cover shows mom breastfeeding 3 year old.

Another bullying-inspired suicide: a 13 year old girl whom her classmates called a slut.

We know very little about transwomen’s breast cancer risk

What about the Manic Pixie Dream GUY? New documentary on hebephilia (attraction to teenagers) asks “are all men pedophiles?”

For the first time in history, Americans are more likely to live alone than with others.

Texas deputy claims female coworker forced him to motorboat her. Hat tip to Melanie!

Melinda Gates to invest billions in women’s health; one exception: abortion.

What we’re really talking about when we talk about Hillary Clinton without makeup. Hat tip to Mario!

One company is prepared to provide all the things you’ll need for a Your First Period party.

Queen Latifah FINALLY comes out. Or maybe not. Why aren’t there more ads featuring same-sex couples?

Interactive map of rights for LGBT folks, state by state. North Carolina passes marriage equality ban; related: they overturned the ban on interracial marriage in 1971. Some of the best reactions to the ban.

Joe Biden WAS the high ranking US official to ever express support of same-sex marriage, until Obama endorsed it. Some think the endorsement was BS or pandering. Republicans, predictably, fire back. Support for marriage equality is now the majority.

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