Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Houston reporter fired for having side job as a stripper.

Daily anti-retroviral drug to be approved by FDA that could prevent HIV infection.

Man sues BMW after 4 hour motorcycle ride leads to 20 months-long erection. Hat tip to Melanie!

Small but significant percentage of young women use cellphones during sex.

10 of women’s top sexual fantasies. Did the “war on women” help quash the sexless feminist stereotype?

Signs she’ll make a bad wife. Can handsome men stay faithful? Exes in $60,000 custody battle over dog.

What’s your sexual doomsday scenario?

The Mens Rights movement gets its moment, but at great cost for Native American, immigrant and LGBT domestic violence victims.

50 places to meet people when you’re over the bar scene. How to make a long distance relationship work.


Was Jack the Ripper actually a woman? Gaydar is more effective on women.

Even before Photoshop, pin up models were dramatically retouched. #ihatemyface was a trending topic on twitter because… who knows.

VA statehouse rejects judicial nominee because he’s gay. No, really, Buchanan was our first gay President.

History of breastfeeding in media. Sexuality and other female film troubles.

Butt plugs whose shape is determined by GOP polls.

Tennessee teachers not allowed to discuss “gateway sexual activities”; meanwhile, the less young people know about contraceptive options, the more likely they are to have unprotected sex.

State-by-state guide to 2012’s anti-choice laws so far.

Missing the point on prostitution.

Rhode Island will now recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere. Jay Z supports marriage equality.

Do girls become teen moms BECAUSE they are poor?

Does frequent ejaculation cause a hangover?

How to talk to your kids about pornography.

How to be attracted to people who are actually good for you.

Does sex hurt you?

A whole library of books on sociology, many of which pertain to sex.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. Really. A small penis joke. Hilarious.

    Mocking people because of an unchangeable physical characteristic, or suggesting that they can’t provide their partners with sexual pleasure, is really quite horrible.

    If you would like me to keep reading your blog and listening to your podcast, please consider more carefully what you include as content.

    • You’re absolutely right. I briefly thought about it when I put it up and debated whether it was solely to be interpreted that way or not. But it’s clearly being read as that, so there’s no point in trying to explain away my mistake. Point very much taken. It’s coming down immediately.

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