Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Sex and Hare Krishna: what Mad Men got wrong.

The vast majority of Americans, even Catholics, think birth control is morally OK. Why are social conservatives opposed to it?

Last week was International Men Can Wear Dresses Too Day

Is Tina Fey a slut-shaming faux feminist? Writing across gender: women are expected to consider realities for males but not commonly vice versa. A message to girls about religious men who fear you.

How film directors’ fetishes influence the female characters in their films.

Top 10 language-specific highly descriptive relationship terms.

Bisexual invisibility and internalized heterophobia. Hat tip to Melissa!

25 things sorority girls taught me.

Men on dating sites would like to get you pregnant.

Malawi’s first ever female President stands up for LGBT rights. Tyler Clementi’s roommate sentenced to 30 days. Christian pastor suggests fencing in all the gays and lesbians and starving them to death. Ukranian gay activist beaten. Ridiculous photos of anti-gay protestors.

Can the stress of trying for a baby spur a man to have an affair? Supreme Court: Children conceived by in vitro after their father’s death are not entitled to survivor’s benefits.

Sexuality, hope and despair in marriage. Facebook and marriage.

Is teen porn use related to risky sex in real life?

COPD’s damaging effect on sufferers’ sex lives.

New guidelines to reduce incidence of rape in prison.

What is the science on reparative therapy for changing sexual orientation?

“It’s not your fault, mom”: on mothers and eating disorders.

Paradoxes and pragmatism in female sexual desire.

The complexity of saying “that’s so gay.”

Attachment parenting, the whole point of that scandalous TIME cover: is it bad for women?

Evidence the War on Women is real. The jerkstore who tweeted really messed up things to Sandra Fluke and doesn’t understand how the internet works.

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