Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

The 1st circuit court decision declaring the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

How to annoy your live-in significant other on a daily basis.

“Why I write strong female characters

The ongoing problem of “corrective rape” of lesbian women in South Africa.

The stark gender gap in election coverage.

Is tenure protecting a sexual predator?

The bizarre tale of the Canadian millionaire’s breakup and the millions of people who may be forced to marry as a result.

“Yes, I have short hair. No, I’m not a lesbian.”

Adipositivity (fat acceptance) model’s image stolen by Tosh.0 for purposes of mocking, people fight back.

Does the hotness of your spouse indicate how good you’d be at your job?

JC Penney sees your lesbian mom boycott, raises you gay dads for Fathers’ Day ad. New wave of gay ads.

Women writing more op-eds, but the subject matter leaves something to be desired.

Doctor botches abortion, now must pay child support. Is it murder if a pregnant woman attempts suicide and the fetus dies?

Couple, together nearly 50 years, sues state of Illinois for right to marry.

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