Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Is his porn habit hurting your self esteem? Or maybe just the specific type of porn? What your favorite porn says about you. PETA launches XXX site.

The 12 ties that bind long-term relationships. David Snarch’s revolutionary advice in couple’s therapy: grow up. Sneaky ways to ruin your relationships (ignore the gender-specificity in the first two).

Gay retired NFL player gives epic interview about gay athletes. Comic books have always been gay. The youngest ever Olympic qualifier in US diving was raised by two dads.

Pictures of soldiers breastfeeding wearing fatigues cause outcry.

The case of the murderous cannibal porn star who is on the loose; caught in Germany.

How to make love to a trans person.

Photos of clandestine gay rights rally in Iran.

On long distance relationships and temporary insanity.

Cancer treatment in girls linked to higher risk of breast cancer later in life.

10 surefire ways to feel unsexy.

Activists arrested in solidarity with CeCe McDonald, the Black transwoman facing years in jail for defending herself against bigots.

Is it irresponsible for depressed people to have kids?

The best of Reddit’s reject wedding proposals thread.

Janet Jackson is making a documentary about trans people. Issues facing the parents of trans kids.

Prop 8 may be reviewed by Supreme Court. Small town PA newspaper reverses position on posting same-sex engagement announcements!

Jason Alexander makes dumb gay joke, follows up with amazingly sincere apology.

What can Canadians learn from the US’s “War on Women?” Will Lincoln, NE be the Gettysburg of gay rights?

Target sells tshirts that benefit marriage equality cause. Hundreds of Mormons march in Salt Lake City Pride Parade.

Sex ed for teens with intellectual disabilities is better than the sex ed most kids get. Hat tip to Lisa!

Nebraska woman pimps out 14 year old and 7 year daughters to grown men.

Remember the Vatican that is now paying millions to victims of  abuse because they don’t handle sexuality very well? Yeah, well they’re mad at a nun who isn’t as out-of-it as they are.

Lightening dark skin for beauty and money.

A dating coach for ex-Orthodox Jewish women.

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