Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

World’s oldest known animal marriage ends as 2 tortoises split up. Penguins are perverts and science has tried to keep it under wraps.

Top 10 rules of sexting

The Philadelphia Daily News backpedals: stripping isn’t at all what we thought it was.

Best lesbian week ever?

A feminist reading of cartoon porn and hentai

Dad won’t face charges for killing daughter’s molester.

Protests on the anniversary of the legalization of contraception.

Have your cake and eat it too: steps to making polyamory work.

The difficulty of including MTF trans people in female-only spaces.

One child-free woman on why she won’t have kids: they’re alien parasites.

3 teenage girls busted for running involuntary prostitution ring.

New genetic theory on origins of male homosexuality: it makes their female relatives more attractive.

Moff’s Law: if you think people overthink media critiques, get out of the conversation.

So good, must repeat: Sex negativism doesn’t stop people from having sex; just stops them from having good sex.

How androcentrism is replacing sexism as the norm. bell hooks on why people mistakenly believe feminism is against beauty and adornment. Why society doesn’t like it when women express anger. More men taking “pink collar jobs.”

24 year old woman poses as 17 year old boy to lure 15 year old girl into sexual relationship.

Research critiquing lesbian parents might be evidence in favor of marriage equality.

The story of the happily married Mormon couple –but, she’s straight and he’s gay.

Anita Sarkeesian’s Kickstarter campaign to make a video about sexism in video games results in epic trolling and threats of violence, counterreaction gives her almost 10x the money she asked for.

A Swedish website devoted to images of men taking up room, sitting with their legs far apart on public transit. Hat tip to Tere!

First trans person to ever testify in front of Congress.

King Peggy of Ghana: the American woman who became a monarch.

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One thought on “Friday Sex Links!

  1. “There is no such thing as a sexy photograph taken in front of a pile of dirty laundry or on top of an unmade bed.” – From rule #4 Put a little effort into the art direction of your naughty pics.

    Top 10 rules of sexting. Kind of offensive. The voice is overly critical and exclusive. Phrases like “not worthy of being sexted” and “turns something sexy into something funny” are used. Nothing about that article focuses on positives. Yes, protect yourself and be smart about sharing something personal, you probably don’t want to end up on IAU. But telling someone they have to make the bed to be sexy? Really? While I agree a photo with less distraction gives the subject all the glory, that’s photography 101. But is excellent photography the typical goal of sexting?

    Remember to have fun. Personally, even just the idea of sexting is incredibly arousing. You have all of these private thoughts and images, shared between two people, all contained in a totally non-conspicuous device. No one knows you’re having this hot and heavy conversation. It’s like being in high school and sneaking around so that your parents don’t find out. It’s risky, it’s exciting. Half the fun of sex is being wild and out of control. Do you care how messy your bed gets when you have sex? Or how your hair looks? I don’t.

    I leave you with this:
    “Women love to be seduced with words. That’s why they read romance novels and men watch porn.” –From rule #2 Sext with words not pictures

    We do watch porn. But that’s another story.

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