Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

China’s first female astronaut. Aparna Bhola, India’s teen sex educator.

Which books make someone un-dateable?

Christian reasons to get tested for HIV.

Mysexaddressbar: a tumblr devoted to hilarious anecdotes and google image searches.

Playboy’s masturbation ad campaign. Anti-statutory rape ad campaign.

Why Jerry Sandusky should plead guilty now. Pedobear shows up to the trial.

The father-son duo who run LA’s sex toy empire. Sex toys for winter tomatoes. Hat tip to Erica!

New research into the gender gap in math and science. Are men less moral than women? What does Adam Sandler’s career reveal to us about men of his generation?

Are there more male than female rape victims? Hat tip to Greg!

Beautiful queer wedding site. Hat tip to Melisssa!

Why I’m a breastfeeding dad. The trend of photographers in the delivery room.

31 ways to know you’re in the right relationship.

Johnny Depp is single, y’all.

Gym bans skinny people to encourage heavier folks to work out without fear.

Man with 100 pound testicle turns down offer for free surgery.

Why Reddit is sexist and what to do about it.

Note to self: you can’t take kittens to strip clubs.

Will Lara Croft get raped in the next series of Tomb Raider games?

Model sues Abercrombie & Fitch for making him masturbate on camera.

Can exposure to breastmilk of HIV positive women prevent HIV?

“I never wanted kids.” “I don’t know why I want kids, but I do.” What it costs to raise kids now. “Think before you breed.”

The images of doltish dads on screen gets a makeover. Honoring “my father, the woman.”

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