Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

German court bans circumcision for religious reasons.

It’s hard to make guy friends when you’re older.

10 things that should be in sex ed. American sign language for male anatomy. Hat tip to Erica!

Two douches try to grope girl who is out for a run. Little did they know she was a kung fu master.

Cancer survivor with double mastectomy scars wins battle to go to the pool topless.

What gay rights events look like around the world. Oreo comes out in favor of LGBT rights.

Half drag portraits.

What does the HealthCare Reform Act do for LGBT Americans? Hat tip to Elle!

America still doesn’t know what to do with bisexuals.

A weight trainer’s guide to the history of big booties. Lift Big Eat Big’s campaign to show athletic bodies next to fashion models in the same outfit. Olympic coverage biased towards hotter athletes: strongest woman in America lives in poverty.

The advantages of being a man, the disadvantages.

Sandusky mural to be replaced with image of victims’ advocate.

A reporter’s first person account of being sexually assaulted by a mob in Cairo. A rape survivor’s concerns about the flippant use of the “R” word in online gaming. Hat tip to Ben!

Into lesbians and books? Was Jesus gay?

Love, sex and other drugs.

Refereeing sex and gender in competitive sports.

A brief and rigorous history of masturbation. What was sex like in Ancient Rome?

The risks of trying to settle down with someone who is afraid of commitment.

Paternity testing before a child is born. Pregnancy rates for women over 40 are rising.

A look into the world of a sugar baby. 75% of women won’t date a man who is unemployed.

On why gay GOPers would support Romney: basically, it’s like substance abuse. NYC councilwoman talks about being gay and Catholic.

Last known gay Holocaust survivor dies at 88.

Wives of wounded vets pose naked to raise awareness of PTSD. The artwork through which one woman shows her eternal love for her late husband.

The drama at 2012 Dyke March in NYC, part of the broiling conflict between radical feminists and transgender activists. Wanna know more about radfem blogs in 2012?

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