Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

The latest Air Force sexual assault scandal.

Females, more risk averse and not overconfident, are better investors.

All three of Tom Cruises’ marriages ended when his wife was 33.

On sexism, gaming and playing well with others.

Unnecessarily sexy cartoon characters.

Victoria’s Secret’s Love Your Body campaign is fucking idiotic.

Ryan Gosling memes ranked from best to worst.

The combat veteran who says women should not be in combat.

How to deal with your parents’ divorce when you’re an adult.

Man violently attacks woman attempting to rape her, is arrested. When it’s revealed the victim is transgender, charges of rape are dropped.

What it sounds like: a tumblr called CutestBoysEver.

Sex-related headaches?

Would you choose food over sex?

Dads, son kicked out of swim club (after they paid their dues) for not being “a real family.”

Male lawmaker to teach women the art of feminine presence in the 21st century.

Is Mila Kunis good for men? Will Ted be a sex symbol for the Furry and Plushie communities?

Secrets of male strippers.

You can have condoms automatically mailed to you every month.

Anderson Cooper officially comes out. Why it’s a bigger deal that Frank Ocean came out. Facebook adds same-sex icons for marriage in timeline. Is the marriage equality debate driving a generation from their churches? Gay couple’s engagement picture stolen and used for Republican attack ad.

NASA astronauts brought playmates with them to the moon.

HB1264 passes in PA, bringing the state up to speed on trying sex offenders, allowing experts to testify in court.

Only abortion clinic in Mississippi allowed to stay open- for now.

Student sues teacher for harassment due to sexual nature of Human Sexuality elective course. Hat tip to Michael!

Educated women more likely to marry than ever before; couples with higher education less likely to divorce.

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