Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

9 compliments men crave

The best and worst places to be a woman.

How to help a friend though an abortion.

LA voters to decide on condoms in porn.

After getting Seventeen to promise to end photoshopping models, is Teen Vogue next?

Deadbeat dad lured back to US with promise of role in Jennifer Aniston movie.

The history of sex and punishmentexplored in new book.

RIP Rabbit

Interview with a  cheater.

James Franco to make “homo-sex art film

A celebration of Men in Kilts. Hat tip to Melanie!

The power of being single.

Can oral sex cure morning sickness?

How dinosaur sex works.

Inside the world of Bronies: dudes who are into My Little Ponies.

The moment I knew” stories of divorce.

Utah magazine celebrates an all-white group of “women of color.”

A brief history of the Wife-Carrying Competition.

Internet trans-rights social justice goes apeshit on Laci Green.

Woman secretly photograph’s her own abortion, posts photos online.

A meditation on dancefloor grinding.

The first ever lesbian Super PAC.

Woman punches guy for making rape threat “joke,” posts photo of her hand, it goes viral as people call her a hero, but then she gets rape threats. Hat tip to Melissa! Former Marine befriends girlfriend’s rapist to get evidence of the assault so she could go forward with criminal case.

Beyonce and Jay-Z’s heart-warming show of support for Frank Ocean coming out.

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