Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Low-key celebrity romances you may not have heard of.

Timeline of women’s rights (other than voting). Feminism can be a prison if it’s all about anger. First experiences with male gaze.

Where are you on the global weight scale?

How to break out of a sexual rut.

Murs and 50 Cent add to the hip hop support for LGBT rights. Top LGBT-friendly reality shows to watch this month.

ESPN’s Body Issue almost succeeds.

Obamas on Kiss Cam at USA v Brazil game.

Wanna see Octomo strip?

A contest to create an awesome fat female superhero.

A Christian writes the worst possible review of 50 Shades of Grey.

Myth of the “mama’s boy”. What are horror movies about teen girls really about?

How men fight for their lives” by Saeed Jones. Hat tip to Rudy!

Massaging egg lets you kiss long-distance.

Comic actor Fred Willard fired after being arrested for masturbating in an adult theater.

Indian doctors removing poor women’s uteruses without consent as part of insurance scam.

Writer live-tweets couple’s very public break up. Some of the most insane reactions to rejections in online dating.

Friendships between straight women and gay men. Gay men and straight men: a complicated love story.

Testimony against George Zimmerman includes woman who claims he repeatedly molested her.

Bared breasts in American films. Woman with largest breasts in world pleads for a bra.

Louis CK clarifies what people interpreted as support for Tosh’s rape joke. How nice guys contribute to rape culture. 4chan hacks defunct site to make rape jokes .

Man frisked by TSA because of suspicious bulge… it‘s his giant schlong. The latest developments in men’s underwear for ultimate sexy ass.

The Olympic athlete who will be 8 months pregnant during London’s games.

Would more women at the top of Penn State have stopped Sandusky sooner? Incoming Yahoo CEO announces she’s pregnant.

Are women becoming the men their mothers divorced?

First gay wedding on a US military base. Boy Scouts of America upholds ban on gay scout leaders. Chik Fil-A doubles down on anti-gay sentiment.

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