Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Does wifi lead to more public masturbation?

15th century lingerie stuns historians. Hat tip to Nathan!

Jilted lover built underground bunker to spy on ex.

Should women be allowed to go topless in public?

First female astronaut dies of cancer, comes out in obit. What has happened since New York legalized same-sex marriage: it made over $259 million.

Neck porn: a tumblr for people who like lovely necks.

Arrival of Olympians to London causes Grindr (gay hookup app) to crash. No, not really.

Obese woman attributes massive weight loss to regular sex.

Sex positive and feminist-friendly porn.

First women ever inducted into Culinary Hall of Fame.

Muppets part ways with Chik Fil A over their anti-gay stance.

Our brains are trained to see men as whole, women as parts.

Check out this new lesbian werewolf movie.

Air Force instructor sentenced to 20 years for serial rape of female trainees. Young sexual assault survivors break law to out their rapists on social network sites and warn other women, won’t be charged with contempt after outcry. How to out a rapist.

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