Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

10 best things about being single.

How the porn industry has changed in the last 10 years.

Ryan Lochte’s mom says he only has time for one-night stands.

Reddit asks for stories from men who have sexually assaulted. Inside the mind of a serial rapist.

Why are teen girls more likely than boys to be depressed?

10 things you learn from a broken heart. Breakup etiquette.

8 truths about weddings no one ever told you.

Is showing babies being born the last taboo in Hollywood?

What does dancing have to do with the menstrual cycle?

A short documentary on labiaplasty: plastic surgery on the vulva.

How to avoid dating a narcissist. Three questions to ask yourself before getting back into dating.

What are the sexual effects of sexual abuse?

Shocking news: Normal sized women were once considered attractive.

As contraception-coverage mandate begins, Republican lawmaker likens it to Pearl Harbor attack.

16 things for which people have mistaken sex toys.

In Italy, it is now a crime to tell a man he has “no balls.”

Gender differences in opinions towards routine paternity testing.

Does your movie taste make you undateable?

How to be friends with another woman.

The essential ingredients of casual sex.

The meme proposal led to an adorable meme wedding.

Plastic surgery for kids who get bullied about appearance.

Mulsim reporter ambushed by female fan who kisses him, despite the provisions of Ramadan.

17 year old raped to death in prison.

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