Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

“I’m glad Kristen Stewart cheated” and the fantasy of Twilight.

Physician calls for the end of the War on Pubic Hair, warns of increased risk of STI. Hat tip to Melissa!

Bibi Jones retires from porn.

Most attractive quality EVER? Playfulness.

Ryan Lochte, “himbos” and women’s visual arousal patterns. Pictures of male Olympians’ asses. Female Olympians fight back against shamers and haters. Hat tip to Erica S! Somebody at NBC approved this soft-pornish video of female Olympians.

German waterslide closed off to women after series of “intimate injuries.”

Free vibrators from Trojan from NYC hot dog carts, back on after initially being cut short by Mayor’s office.

As a counter to Chik Fil A, activists have Starbucks Appreciation Day for the company’s support of marriage equality. Hatemonger calls for kidnapping children to save them from same-sex parents. Read the leaked revised Democratic party platform that calls for marriage equality.

The sexiest movies ever made.

Amar’e Stoudemire’s proposal video will make you sad you’re not filthy rich.

What’s so bad about a boy who wants to wear a dress? Hat tip to Erica!

What can we learn from porn? Does giving up porn help your sex life?: an experiment.

The penises of the Icelandic handball team stoke controversy. Hat tip to Emily!

We’re down to one antibiotic that can treat gonorrhea.  Hat tip to Teagan!

Do you keep falling for bad boys/girls?

How do you prevent your kids from getting pregnant?

Meet the girl who is willing to die for the anti-abortion movement but won’t support sex ed.

People who went to the Olympics for sex.

A nightmare scenario” provides insight into the realities of rape culture through  a hypothetical world where men are randomly accused of rape all the time.

Why do the things teen girls love immediate get judged so harshly?

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