Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

How male and female athletes are depicted differently. Have male body shaping undergarments finally hit the mainstream?

Inclusion as a business model. Gay athletes did well at the Olympics.

Cosmo’s Helen Gurley Brown has died. Cougarettes: is this a thing?

Biblical Betrothal: agreeing to marry someone before a first date, as part of some Christian communities.

New tumblr: Girl with a smartphone in the mirror

First out pansexual legislator in the US.

We Are Woman rally in DC August 18th.

Hey Girl: meet Paul Ryan Gosling. Catholic paper says even though Obama is pro-choice, he is also more pro-life than Romney

Moms on facebook: I hate your sushi pics as much as you hate pictures of my baby.

Are butthole tattoos the next big thing?

Tech boom doesn’t lead to increase in paying for sex in Silicon Valley.

you’re not quite the one.” How to be a terrible significant other.

Photos from Taiwan’s first same-sex Buddhist wedding.

Are all men potential pedophiles in the eyes of Australian airlines? “I am the Lorax and I speak for the Creeps.” How not to be a creep.

The sexcapades of the world’s most corrupt politicians. Police seize pimp’s “Rule’s 2 Da game of Hoez!”

Nope, the gender pay gap is real, Mansplainer.

First Indian Playboy model raises challenging questions back home. Hat tip to Melanie!  Things you should know about South Asian American women. Women’s only city planned for Saudi Arabia.

“Why I outed an up and coming Evangelical leader

Condom from 1640 found intact?

Hilary Clinton talks about sexism moments before moderator asks incredibly sexist question.

FAA eliminates unnecessary testing for transgender pilots.

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