Sex Links

Friday Sex Links

Russia bans gay pride parades for next century.

Which states buy the most sex toys? 13 craziest sex-related deaths of all time.

15 year old faces life in prison for miscarriage.

A love letter to masculinity. How does religiosity affect men’s physical endurance? Hat tip to Ashtad!

Circumcision can cut health care costs.

Porn star’s secret syphilis shuts down 2 major studios.

“Dear Bros, Let’s Stop Cat Calling:” an argument from a logistical standpoint.

Famous women who don’t understand what feminism is. Augusta National Golf Club allows its first female members. Women in North Korea allowed to ride bicycles for the first time.

Love in the age of YouTube proposals. New trend in wedding photography: post-consummation portraits. Hat tip to Evi!

27 years of living with HIV.

Can new moms get a break about their post-baby bodies?

How the Body Reacts to Sexual Assault. The Official Guide to Legitimate Rape. Things my magical vagina cannot shut down. Rapists who sue for parental rights.

A male birth control pill that doesn’t kill sex drive?

Minnesota State head football coach busted for child porn featuring his own kids.

Gay male comics await the spotlight.

Reasons wives are horny, but not for their husbands.

The cognitive psychology for pickup lines

Testosterone rates in men, as related to the number of kids they have and their education level.

Interview with the Google employee who had to view the internet’s deepest depravity.

Offbeatr: the Kickstarter for adult products.

UK Parliamentarian implies Julian Assange is not guilty of rape, just bad manners.

The Girl with the Butthole Tattoo explains why she got it.

Covert history of condoms in America.

“I wish my mother would have aborted me

TV’s been pretty awesome for women this year.

Friendzoning or pettiness? Men still explain things to me. Women WANT hookup culture. Hat tip to Paul!

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