Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

California moms sue school district over abstinence-only sex ed. Sex and the single voter.

How does child porn get scrubbed from the interwebs? On pornography and persistence of patriarchy.

APA report on the sexualization of young girls. Hat tip to Carina!

Is depression ruining your relationship? Non-sexual cheating.

Women withhold sex to unseat President in Togo. Six sex strikes from around the world.

Why can’t a cop photograph a naked sorceress? Hat tip to Melanie!

The sex lives of novelists.

Advice to moms on raising boys. German boy likes wearing skirts, so his dad starts doing it too, in solidarity.

What is up with unsolicited penis pics? Another great story to describe Mansplaining.

Semen includes ingredient that incites ovulation.

Japanese charity breast squeeze. Cause charity.

Priest blames kids for seducing adults.

GOP platform to oppose all types of pornography. Vaginas protest at convention.

Hilarious reviews of pens designed “just for women!”

Bearing scars in an image obsessed world.

Norman Rockwell’s gay icon.

The history of the C Word. Hat tip to Mike!

Couple faces $4k fine for loud sex.

10 honest thoughts on being loved by a skinny boy. Little people and the world of dating.

The naked truth about saving sex for marriage– a 4 part sries.

Can watching “Buffy” make men less sexist?

Artists wanted for Pro-Choice comic fundraiser campaign. What would happen if abortion were outlawed?

Pediatricians in favor of male circumcision. Hat tip to Erica! Reasons to re-think circumcision.

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