Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

To all those girls who insist they’re not like other girls.

8th annual pregnant bikini contest in Houston.

New tumblr: hot men with breakfast

The art of slow sex.

6 ways to help a woman orgasm…actually helpful to everyone.

Canadian doctors say spanking as discipline needs to end.

When Gchat love is one-sided.

Sex offenders conference aims to change laws.

Report finds a culture of sexual entitlement in BU’s hockey team.

TV shows that script product placements for safer sex.

Son of the late William Masters (of Masters and Johnson) busted for exposing himself.

Are we prejudiced against asexuals?

Including Muslim women’s voices in feminist discourse.

How common are car sex accidents?

Grindr urges uses to vote.

What does sex have to do with birth control?

A documentary on the abortion war in 2012. A documentary on Sex, Lies and Julian Assange.

World Sexual Health Day was this week!

Kanye’s song about Kim’s sex tape.

Sex toys through history.

The potential impact of voter ID laws on transgender voters.

Sex-selective abortions are bad for females.

Why are sex workers opposed to the LA porn condom law? Will live sex save the porn industry?

Groom crowdfunds wedding as a surprise to the bribe.

CA Senate bans sexual orientation conversion therapy for minors. The history of conversion therapy. Hat tip to Andres!

Zoe Saldana’s real talk about the continued existence of sexism.

Street harassment, victim blaming and life in my skin.

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