Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Changes to religious circumcision laws in NYC: now require parental consent form.

Virginia’s oppressive new abortion clinic laws.

What your sex has to do with being able to recognize cars and owls.

The first mother-to-daughter uterus transplants.

MLB gives unsolicited donation to gay rights group after player wears homophobic slur on his eye black.

20 pop songs about boyfriend-stealing. 10 reasons to leave a relationship.

Why queer kids feel ambivalent about Madonna.

Things you shouldn’t say if you don’t want to sound homophobic.

How to enjoy a blowjob respectfully.  Rules for public sex.

In honor of Singles Week, the best Living Single posts of the year.

How do write a good online dating profile.

What do you find sexually disgusting?

Boy Scouts help cover up hundreds of cases of child molestation.

College football player kicked off the team for being gay.

The 8 reasons people cheat on their partners.

Why some activist groups tolerate rapists.

20% of anorexics are men.

Eventually everyone on Earth will look Brazilian.

Woman breaks into Bam Margera’s house and won’t stop masturbating.

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