Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

How many different ways can you experience sex? Sex and the white elephant effect (not being able stop thinking of something).

Coca Cola uses supply chain to deliver AIDS medications in Africa.

Mr Gay Denmark comes out… as Muslim. FIFA overturns ban on Muslim headscarf.

Rush Limbaugh blames feminism for his tiny penis. His wife might be getting tired of the schitck. Is Ann Coulter a big gay hypocrite? What does Honey Boo Boo Child think of homosexuality?

Hollywood’s worst kissers. Celebrity couples where one is way hotter than the other.

The life and art of the Victorian age’s biggest drag king.

Bias continues against women in sciences.

Are swingers more mentally healthy than monogamous folks?

Wednesday was World Contraception Day! Contraception increases financial stability and education attainment for women.

Promotion or proposal? Which do women want more?

10 things my sexual orientation is not.

Fall TV is full of single female lead characters. Why are women still missing from medicine’s top ranks?

Murdered Kansas doctor’s office bought by abortion rights group.

American Apparel shoppers: buy this shirt and 15% goes to GLAAD to promote LGBT equality.

Exonerated of rape charges after a decade, man heads back to football career.

New UK sexual assault prevention campaign aims responsibility squarely at men.

Resources for parents of gender variant kids.

The second most common STI in the US develops incurable drug-resistant strain.

The internet is freaking out because Lady Gaga gained weight. Ralph Lauren hires first plus-size model.

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