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Learn Ya Some Gayness: It’s LGBT History Month!

It’s October, kittens. Time to get gay as all get-out. Celebrate all the awesome ridiculousness fabulousness that gay culture has contributed to our lives and commemorate all the hardcore heroes who stood up to prejudice, hatred and violence so that we could be free to joyfully dance to Gaga in a nightclub all night long. 

It’s everything from demanding legislation that gives equal housing, employment and marriage rights to including more openly gay characters on TV shows so that straight folks could take a peek out of their bubble without taking up space at the circuit parties. It’s remembering those people who lost everything because of who they were and celebrating the artists, athletes and scholars who blazed trails by which we can all be inspired.

  • Find out more about this year’s icons
  • Get involved in local events celebrating LGBT history
  • Be proud of who you are and celebrate others for being who they are!

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