Sex Links

Friday Sex Links!

Pope thinks gay folks aren’t fully developed humans.

Can you tell a politician’s party just by their face? Science says maybe.

What does it mean to be gray-sexual?

Pro boxing’s first openly gay athlete.

Todd Akin now claims doctors perform abortions on women who are not even pregnant.

Awesome male musicians answer sexist questions that females get asked all the time.

IKEA is really sorry for photoshopping all the females out of the Saudi edition of their catalog. A century of women in advertising. Hat tip to Melissa.

9 Things you must do when taking an online date into the real world.

Reddit’s mens’ rights forum answers question about date rape, interesting discussion follows. Mentally disabled, wheelchair-bound and mute woman should have done more to resist rapist, court says.

Female masturbation bar opens in Japan. Hat tip to Kate.

Philadelphia stripper accidentally ruptures man’s bladder at his bachelor party.

You know that iconic picture of the returning soldier kissing a nurse? Yeah, the real story is not at all romantic and a little rape-y.

Supreme Court refuses to hear appeal from anti-abortion group about law that would require screenings for women seeking abortion.

Backwards and in high heels: time management, gender and politicians. Why are there no women coaching men’s teams?

Having a male child leaves male DNA in female brains.

How can you be positive that you’re sex positive?

California becomes first state to ban gay conversion therapy for minors.

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